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Your Handbook for PPC Management

Pay per click is a type of advertising technique where the advertisers only pay when someone visits their websites, i.e. when someone clicks on them. This is unlike other forms of advertising when you have to pay even when no-one looks at your ads.

PPC management is pretty simple- all you need is a basic guidebook. You can select certain keywords for your ads, and when someone looks up for those particular keywords, your ad will be listed there. You will not have to pay if nobody clicks on your ad. Since there are many competitors for a single keyword, you have to bid and the successful bidder gets the highest ad. The more you pay- the higher you will appear on the results. You can select more than one keyword as well.

Though all search engines do not offer PPC advertising, but the major ones do. So you can work on PPC management on Google, Yahoo and MSN.

Because PPC hasn’t been around for long, people are pretty confused about it. They don’t know the requirements to run a successful PPC campaign. Here are a few steps that you can follow if you want to run PPC:

* Identify your target market.

* Decide on how much you can pay.

* Select the right search engine- Google is the number one engine.

* Look for the most used keywords. You can also get some lesser used keywords since the most   used ones would cost you more.

* Write an ad description that would attract the masses, and lead them to your page.

* Decide the correct landing page for your campaign

* Now, launch the campaign on the search engines you chose.

* It doesn’t stop here- keep monitoring the responses of your PPC campaign- how much ROI you are getting, and if there is anything that you should improve upon.

Though these steps are quite simple, but if you feel that you would need help, then it is best to hire a professional SEO company that can run a successful PPC campaign for you. Research well and find the company that can take on this kind of work.

Press Release Service- Connect to a Wider Audience

If you have an online presence, or you want to make an online presence, then you can use a good SEO company to provide you press release service. These days, people are focusing their attention on SEO based press releases, since they cover a large audience. People have begun to realize that press releases have a great impact on search engine rankings, more so since these press releases act really fast, and help you get instant high rankings.

But before you get a press release service, make sure that your press release is informative, interesting, and timely. It should also get properly distributed if you want search engines to act on it. This is a simple way to boost up your rankings on search engine results.

There are various websites where you can submit your press releases. These websites allow you to write and post your press releases for free. These are a great publicity tool. Since many people visit these websites, you can be sure of a large audience.

A good press release affects many online people- like people on social networking sites, podcasters, and bloggers etc. They might find your press release interesting and write or speak about it. This way, you will reach out even more.

Coming to writing press releases, you can either write them on your own, or get them written from a press release service company. If you are not good at writing press releases, then you might as well hire a good company for it.

When you hire a company to write a press release for you, you must make sure that they are experienced in their field and know the SEO techniques inside out.

If you are writing a press release yourself, then you must keep your customers in mind. Since your press release will ultimately affect your consumers, you must direct your press release toward them. You must understand the important keywords that people are using to look up for your company’s information. Use these keywords in the title and body of your press release. You should never overdo the keywords, as the press release publishing website might reject your release due to extra use of keywords.

Easy Web Advertising with Social Bookmarking

As you browse the web, you find something interesting, and you bookmark it. This practice of tagging pages and keeping them with you is called bookmarking. When you use special purpose social sites for it, then it is called social bookmarking. It started as a way to offer internet users something with which they can access their bookmarks from anywhere.

When you bookmark something on your system, it is stored in your browser’s database, and when you are working on some other computer, you cannot access those bookmarks. With social bookmarking, you can access those pages from all around the world.

Here, users save pages as bookmarks that are generally open for public visibility, but they can be private as well. You can even share your bookmarks with your friends.

When a user finds something interesting, he bookmarks it, which means that the given page is interesting, and thus bookmarks can increase your page rank. Search engines take these bookmarking websites seriously, and thus the more well-liked your page is, the higher page rank you will get.

In order to jump into social bookmarking, you need to join a bookmarking site and create an account. Then you can make friends, and share your pages with them, and access their pages as well.

When you save your bookmark, you can insert your keywords for the kind of tag you are adding. By using these tags, you can organize your bookmarks, and users can easily go through them.

When you make your friend group on a social bookmarking site, you all can help each other find the websites of common interest. So how does bookmarking help you in web advertising? The answer is simple- make your website informative and interesting so that more and more people would bookmark it. As some people bookmark your site, it will gain popularity, and thus it would be easy and free advertising for you. Since it is used to find great content on the internet, if your website is bookmarked by people, you can rank high, and more people would visit your website. You can reach millions of users and market your products and services using this process.

Build Back Links with Forum Posting

All internet businesses are concerned about drawing more traffic to their websites. They want their sites to be famous, and their name to be out there. If you have also tried doing that, then you must have heard about back links.

Back links are the links that you leave on other websites or blogs, and they point towards your website. They are one of the best ways to draw traffic to your site.

Talking about back links, there are many ways by which you can build them. One of the most famous ways to build back links is forum posting.

Forums are a great way to exchange information and share knowledge. When you join a forum, you can start your own thread, or reply to someone else’s threads. Now, you can put a link to your website in your signature. When you post something on a forum, your signature comes at the bottom of your post.

This little hyperlink will point back to your website, and will serve the dual purpose of directing the readers to your website, as well as building up your page rank. When you do forum posting, you also build the credibility of your website. This is because if your posts are informative and to-the-point, then people will start to know you as a knowledgeable person and thus will get attracted towards your website. But you need to take care that your posts should not be just for the purpose of advertising. If you join a forum merely for advertisement purposes, the moderators will delete your posts, and suspend your account. More than that, people will get irritated by your posts, and they will actually drift away from your website, thereby leaving a negative effect.

Here is how you can make your signature:

“Your company name”, “product”, and “url”. Make sure that it is short and sweet- under 10 words is your best bet. You can even do hyper linking instead of posting direct URL there.

When you post your answers, make sure you are polite, respectful, and friendly. Bad postings will mean a bad reputation and thus harm for your website.

Build Credibility Using an Affordable SEO Company

We all know that to get the real benefit from our websites, we require SEO so that our sites rank high, and we get more customers. But one drawback of SEO is that we have to hire experts to do it, and these experts charge a lot of money.

Well, you do not have to worry anymore because there are some affordable SEO companies as well that can help you get good ranks on search engines- specifically Google. There are many ways by which an SEO company can build credibility for you.

An SEO company can post articles on article directories, while putting your company’s name on them. It works like an advertisement, but it has more benefits than that. People get to know about your company, and you also get back links. So it sends a subtle message to people that your company exists and is providing good services or products. This builds a lot of credibility for your website.

Another way for you to build a reliability factor is by posting answers on answer sites. You can find many answer sites on the web that allow you to help people with their problems. You can solve their problems and tell them a bit about your company. But you must make sure that you do not just talk about your company. You should solve their problems, and leave just a subtle hint about your company.

This all takes a lot of time and patience, not to forget expertise on the subject matter. If you feel that you cannot do it, then you must take help from an affordable SEO company. These companies have various packages that come with different price tags. You can select a package depending upon your preferences and budget constraints.

When you are selecting an SEO company, make sure you do not make price your primary concern. All SEO companies are not equal. Some have professionals and experts in their teams, while others have newbies- so you have to select carefully. If you think that you are getting better and higher quality services by paying a little extra, you must opt for that.

Effective Techniques for Website SEO

There are many aspects and techniques when it comes to website SEO. If you want to gain higher rankings on search engine results, you must follow different techniques. Since search engines are mainly bothered about the user friendliness of your website- if your site is easy to navigate for your visitors, you will surely rank high on results.

Here are a few techniques by which you can make sure that your website will rank high on search engine results.

1. Easy site structure

When you design your website and create a site map, you must make sure that all your links are working and there are no dead-end pages. All pages should be carefully linked to each other, and the user should not feel stuck on one particular page.

2. Quality content

When it comes to website SEO, content is the king. If your website does not have good content, it will not rank high on search engines. Besides having good content, you must also make sure that the content is relevant. If your website is about a product or service, you must focus your content around that particular product or service. Irrelevant content will only confuse your visitors and search engines will not like that. Apart from that, try to make it interesting. Long and boring content is not appealing to the site visitors.

3. Keywords

With a number of similar niche websites competing for your keywords, it is hard to secure the number one position with your desired keywords. For this reason, you must use long tail keywords. These keywords are somewhat unique and thus you will not have a lot of competition with these keywords. This is why most SEO companies are shifting their attention towards unique and long tail keywords.

4. Articles

Write articles describing your products or services, and post them on various article directories. You can also write general articles that slant somewhat towards your products or services. Post them on directories, while giving a link to your website. This will provide back links to you. You can also start a blog. Link your blog to your website.