Easy Web Advertising with Social Bookmarking

As you browse the web, you find something interesting, and you bookmark it. This practice of tagging pages and keeping them with you is called bookmarking. When you use special purpose social sites for it, then it is called social bookmarking. It started as a way to offer internet users something with which they can access their bookmarks from anywhere.

When you bookmark something on your system, it is stored in your browser’s database, and when you are working on some other computer, you cannot access those bookmarks. With social bookmarking, you can access those pages from all around the world.

Here, users save pages as bookmarks that are generally open for public visibility, but they can be private as well. You can even share your bookmarks with your friends.

When a user finds something interesting, he bookmarks it, which means that the given page is interesting, and thus bookmarks can increase your page rank. Search engines take these bookmarking websites seriously, and thus the more well-liked your page is, the higher page rank you will get.

In order to jump into social bookmarking, you need to join a bookmarking site and create an account. Then you can make friends, and share your pages with them, and access their pages as well.

When you save your bookmark, you can insert your keywords for the kind of tag you are adding. By using these tags, you can organize your bookmarks, and users can easily go through them.

When you make your friend group on a social bookmarking site, you all can help each other find the websites of common interest. So how does bookmarking help you in web advertising? The answer is simple- make your website informative and interesting so that more and more people would bookmark it. As some people bookmark your site, it will gain popularity, and thus it would be easy and free advertising for you. Since it is used to find great content on the internet, if your website is bookmarked by people, you can rank high, and more people would visit your website. You can reach millions of users and market your products and services using this process.

Blog Postings- Some Tips for Fresh Posts

Every SEO expert knows the importance of blogging. Keeping a blog with your website helps increase your website traffic if you keep updating it regularly. While making a blog is easy, maintaining it might become difficult. You need to keep posting new blog entries every now and then, and you have to keep your readers engaged. You have to find a way to post fresh blog entries that are entertaining and informative.

Here are a few tips for blog postings, to help you keep your blog fresh and interesting:

Keep it short

You must make your posts short and to the point. This has many advantages. Since your posts are short, your readers will read them without any difficulty, and you don’t have to think about a lot of matter to write up your post. Let’s say you maintain each blog post to standard 1000 words- most probably your readers will get tired of reading them, and you wouldn’t be able to come up with many things to write- resulting in a stale blog.

Write in advance

Sometimes we don’t get time to write one post each day- so it’s best to write a few posts and keep them with us. These posted can be scheduled to be posted each day. Apart from the schedule problem- there is also the writer’s block. To deal with it, you can write posts when you can think about them, and post them later.

Let your readers express themselves

You can allow your readers to become guest bloggers and express their views regarding the topic. While user participation will increase their interest, it will also take some load off your chest and you don’t have to think about newer posts each day. When users will interact with their own writing, they will be able to express themselves as writers, and thus it would attract other readers as well.

Blog postings will help you generate a lot of traffic to your website, and the problem of fresh blog posts can also be solved using these tips. You can keep your blog fresh and attract more traffic to your website.